Where our Story Starts: Andrew’s History with Fatty Liver Disease

When I met Andrew in 2004, he was a complete candy addict. I teased him about it, but continued to purchase his favorite sweets for him while we were dating.
Fatty Liver Disease - Real Food Testimony from Real Food with Kids
After we were married in 2007, and around each other constantly, I was completely surprised by how miserable he felt all the time. I can’t count the number of times he would lay in bed and tell me “Something just doesn’t feel right. I feel like something’s wrong with me, but I don’t know what it is.”
Right before Emery was born in May 2011, we tried to get life insurance, but Andrew’s liver enzyme numbers were high enough that they were going to charge us 3x the rate for 1/3 of the coverage. We were super bummed but also confused – he’d had high liver numbers in the past, but whenever he got further testing done, the doctor said he was fine. Why would insurance be so high if the doctor says he’s ok?
Fatty Liver Disease - Real Food Testimony from Real Food with Kids
After I adjusted to life with a baby, I threw myself into researching the liver and homeopathic remedies. What started off as a little study time snowballed into massive life changes. I realized that everything we were putting in and on our bodies was taxing on the liver. I love to cook and made most meals at home, but I was making them from mostly processed foods. I was clueless about the ingredients of the things I bought, and thought words like “all natural” were true statements, rather than marketing tactics.
Then, in Sept 2012, Andrew finally pushed the doctors to do an ultrasound of his liver and found out he has Fatty Liver Disease. There are literal fat deposits in his liver that are causing it to be enlarged. The only 2 known causes for this are obesity and alcoholism. [Andrew has never been obese and has maybe 4 drinks a year.] The doctor was totally puzzled and sent him to a dietitian with plans to see him back in a year for blood work. The dietitian told him to avoid advil and put him on a diabetic diet, saying nothing about eliminating processed foods, other than high fructose corn syrup and meat with nitrates. After months and months of reading about homeopathic liver treatments, this didn’t seem right to either one of us. We decided to continue to grow in our habits of cooking real food and using non-toxic products in our home and on our bodies, and see how Andrew felt after some time.
Fatty Liver Disease - Real Food Testimony from Real Food with Kids
A year and a half later, he’s night and day different. He had been doing so well we actually forgot how sick he used to feel until a few months ago when he got E. coli from recalled spinach. We didn’t know what was wrong at first; we had eaten out 4 times in 3 days because of family gatherings, which was very out of the norm for us. We just assumed the unhealthy food was making him feel like his old self. When we finally realized it was E. coli, it was a huge eye opener for me. If Andrew used to feel as sick on a regular basis from eating unhealthy as he did when he got food poisoning, how encouraging is that to keep moving forward? It was so motivating to realize that all the hard work I’d done [research, budgeting for real food, trying new food preparation methods, etc] was really helping! I’m so thankful God gave us 24 hours to relive our old lives, in a sense, so we could appreciate how far we’ve come and how much God’s food restores health. He never created food to harm the body, but to properly fuel it. I’ve seen first hand the results of a processed food life style and a real food life style and have no desire to return to man made, fake food!
For those dealing with Fatty Liver Disease, or other liver conditions, I recommend this article from The Healthy Home Economist about how to care for your liver through food! The biggest thing we’ve done is to reduce the amount of toxins Andrew’s exposed to, but he also:
  • drinks kombucha
  • drinks lemon water
  • eats beets/drinks beet kvass [tutorial here]
  • adds chlorophyll drops to his water
  • eats carrots fermented with turmeric
  • I add several teaspoons of turmeric to each batch of chicken broth I make
  • drinks liver detox tea
  • eats liver, shaved into ground beef for burgers or meatballs. We’re getting ready to try pate this week! Hope he likes it ;-)

Have you dealt with liver issues? Are you at the beginning of your journey or have you been healing for awhile? I’d love to know what’s worked for you! [I can’t get the comments to work on this post, so please message me through my contact page if you’d like to chat more!]