Serving a Mom with a New Baby.

Serving a new mom with a meal [on]

Our church organizes meals for new mothers on A friend of ours had a baby girl several weeks ago and we had the pleasure of cooking for their family.

I loved chatting with Emery about it while we cooked! She was thoroughly confused as to why they needed a meal! We had brought them a meal or two during her terribly rough pregnancy and Emery understood it was because the mommy was sick. But it was beyond her comprehension as to why someone would need a meal after having a baby. She kept asking me to explain again. I tried a few times [sparing her the details] but after 4 or 5 attempts she’s decided she’s ok with not understanding for now. I pray someday she is blessed with babies of her own and experiences, first hand, the importance of meals for a new mother.

serving a new mom                                           Serving a new mom

Because Emery can’t have gluten, we’re choosing to have a completely gluten free home. I don’t trust myself to always keep surfaces clean enough to prevent cross contamination, so if we’re making a meal for someone, it’s always gluten free. Also, our friend Katie loves Asian, and what mom shouldn’t be catered to after pushing out a baby? So I pulled out one of my favorite recipes [click on the name to get to the recipe]:

Asian Meatballs with Lime Cilantro Dipping Sauce


To keep it celiac safe, WAPF friendly, and cater to our preferences, we used ground beef instead of turkey, omitted the bread crumbs, used gluten free tamari instead of soy sauce, and adjusted the whole thing to accommodate 2 lbs of meat.

At 3 years old, Emery helped by:

  • Dumping all the ingredients in the bowl
  • I wasn’t letting her handle raw meat at the time, but now I would have her scoop the meat with a cookie scoop, roll the balls, and place them on the bar pan
  • Using tongs to place the cooked meatballs on the serving plate
  • Attempting to spiral slice the noodles [it was too hard for her to turn the knob and push it inward to get the noodles through, but she loved trying!]
  • Adding all the sauce ingredients to the jar and shaking it up.

What are your favorite go to meals for new moms? If you know of any amazing celiac/WAPF recipes, we’d love to try them!