Roasting a Chicken with Kids

I’m not here to reinvent the wheel.

While in and out of the hospital at the end of my pregnancy/beginning of Cooper’s life, one of the yummiest meals we received was from 2 super sweet friends of ours, one of whom is a chef. [Never turn down food from a chef.] They brought us a roasted chicken and it was the best dang chicken I’ve ever had in my life.

We get a whole chicken once a month from a local farm and each one of them has been blessed to be turned into this recipe. [Except one, but I learned from my mistake.] It’s great for eating straight, making chicken salad, flavoring with fajita seasoning and using in your favorite Mexican dishes, etc. We save the bones for homemade broth and oh my goodness people – the chicken skin is to die for.

The recipe is called Rock Salt Roasted Chicken and can be found at

Today was Emery’s second time working with raw meat and first time stuffing a bird. She was super curious and a little weirded out at first. “Where’s the head mommy?” “Are those its feet?” “What used to be in that big hole?” I can’t tell you enough how much I love when she asks questions. I’m reminded constantly that I’m not just her mom, I’m her teacher. Every moment in the kitchen is a moment to learn, and not just about cooking!

Emery poured the salt in our 9×13 pan and stuffed it with the garlic, fresh herbs, and lemon. By the end of it, she was not only ok with touching raw meat, she was patting the bird on the back and calling it her baby. I’m not sure what to think…

For cooking time and temperature, check out