Raspberry Orange Beet Kvass Smoothie

We have beet kvass coming out our ears.

I’m not complaining – it practically lasts forever and with 4 people in the house, who are [supposed to be] drinking 4 oz two times a day, it wont last long. We all have adjusted to the flavor and don’t mind drinking it, however, it’s always nice to mix things up. It’s easy to start feeling like you’re consuming all these healthy things just because “it’s the right thing to do,” instead of doing it because it’s delicious. I want to keep things exciting in the kitchen so we don’t get discouraged from fueling our bodies well and cave to our old, unhealthy habits.


Friday morning we tried out this flavorful smoothie combo that surprisingly complimented the beet flavor well. The kids loved it – we made it again Saturday morning! I didn’t catch pictures of the action this time, but Emery helped juice the oranges, dumped the raspberries in the blender, and added the coconut milk and beet kvass.

Raspberry Orange Beet Kvass

serves 3-4


  • 10 oz frozen raspberries
  • juice of 3 oranges [and zest, if you’re on your A game. I wasn’t.]
  • 1/2 cup[ish] coconut milk. It helped to dull the bitter flavor of the raspberries, but I think too much coconut flavor makes it blah. Adjust to your preferences.
  • 1 cup beet kvass 
  • add water until desired consistency is reached


  1. Dump everything in blender and puree! Emery drank hers with a straw and Cooper had most of his served to him with a spoon!

If you missed the post on how to make Beet Kvass, you can find it here!

great way to get beet kvass in your diet!