Kombucha Snowcones!


There’s a new kombucha blog in town and I’m kinda diggin’ it. It’s called Kombucha Diaries and it’s a blog full of contributors [anyone can apply] who post their creative uses for kombucha. And guess what just got added to the list? Our kombucha snowcones!

I know it’s practically spring, but if you want to pin it for next year, you can check out the link here, for the super simple instructions and a helpful tip! I wanted to be sure to announce the post here for those that don’t already know about this new blog. I can’t wait to see their up and coming posts!

In case you missed this goober on IG, she’s always the perfect balance of maturity and 3 year old:


Happy Monday!


  Kombucha Snowcones - A perfect treat year round!