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     Most people considering the GAPS diet seem to fall into one of two categories. They’re either completely gung-ho from the get go and jump in way too fast, or they procrastinate at professional levels. It’s easy to get excited about finally finding a potential solution to your health problems and dive in the deep end. But on the other hand it’s also easy to see the big picture and how much effort will be required for such an extensive gut healing process. This ain’t no Whole30 and it’s perfectly ok to be intimidated.

     I managed to be on both ends of the spectrum. I learned about GAPS within a few weeks of discovering Emery’s food intolerances in November 2013 and originally wanted to jump in immediately. However, life circumstances prevented us from being able to. But as I waited and had more time to really think about what I was about to embark on, I started to shrink back. I became comfortable just learning and waiting and watching everyone else do it. While I wish I hadn’t waited two years, I’m so thankful I didn’t jump right in. I had priceless time to read the whole book, research online, lurk on GAPS forums, read testimonies, practice food skills like broth and sauerkraut, and slowly build up our stash of kitchen equipment and GAPS books. If I can give anyone advice about the diet it would be to take time to PREPARE! [just not two years ;-)]

The following is everything I did [with links] to prepare us to start GAPS. Feel free to ask questions!

Books I Purchased:

GAPS: Gut and Psychology Syndrome

  GAPS Diet

GAPS Guide

GAPS Guide

The Heal Your Gut Cookbook

Heal Your Gut Cookbook

Internal Bliss Cookbook

Internal Bliss


Websites I Read:

Articles I Collected on My Pinterest Boards:

Facebook Forums I Lurked:

Food Skills I Practiced:

Kitchen Equipment I Purchased:

Other Items We Purchased:

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