Stage 2: Emery

Day 1:

What she ate: For breakfast we had a bowl of leftovers soup [mostly chicken, carrots, and squash] with our first raw egg yolk stirred in. She was indifferent and didn’t seem hungry. I had her work on finishing the bowl throughout the day and she hasn’t had a reaction. I’ve heard it can take 3 days to react to egg so i’ll be keeping an eye on her. For lunch we had chicken that had been boiled in water for 3 hours and 2 whole carrots smothered in lard and sprinkled with real salt. She also had a glass of beet kvass and a bowl of ginger mint jello. I sifted out the ginger but left the mint leaves since we’re allowed to consume herbs now. While waiting for dinner to cook she finished up the last of her breakfast soup. For dinner we had beef soup – chicken broth, beef stew meat, carrots, onions, rosemary, thyme, peas, and butternut squash all boiled for 30 minutes. I forgot the garlic and I keep meaning to add lard to the soup because I know animal fat is so healing but I forgot yet again. We did stir in another egg yolk though. After dinner she had a beet kvass popsicle.

How she felt: She’s still struggling emotionally. Not necessarily about food, she’s just whining about everything. I can’t tell if she’s hungry or tired but I always let her eat when she’s hungry. She took less than an hour nap in the car today but she put herself to bed early, in our bed while Andrew and I were gone. Her stomach seems to be flattening again. She’s been bloated her whole life so it’s crazy to see – Her shirts all hang funny on her now because they’re stretched out on the stomach.

How she detoxed: Other than fresh pressed juice we didn’t do any detox today because our day was too busy.

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