Stage 1: Emery

Day 1:  

What she ate: Today wasn’t 100% Stage 1. We started on a Monday and I planned to go to the store Sunday night but I forgot stores close early on Sunday. Because I wasn’t able to get whole chickens, we followed stage 1 guidelines except instead of meat stock I used bone broth I already had on hand in the freezer for all of our meals today. Other than that, we followed the guidelines. We had a cup of room temp water with 1 tb apple cider vinegar and soup throughout the day with cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, turnips, onions, garlic, butternut squash, green beans, and peas.

How she felt: The day was rough at times – it was hard to grocery shop with her because we couldn’t buy our usual LaraBars or apples and she was frustrated. As long as we’re in the house and it’s just our family she has a great attitude about food.

How she detoxed: She didn’t show any signs of detox/die off but I did give her a 30 minute detox bath with Cooper with 1 cup baking soda.

Day 2:

What she ate: Today was 100% stage 1. We started the day with a cup of water with a lemon slice.  We had ginger tea for the first time [two ginger coins, no honey], before dinner, and it was a yummy treat. All our soups had the same ingredients, except I added fresh herbs, not realizing they’re not allowed until stage two. For dinner she tried a bowl of Onion Soup that a friend on Stage 2 brought over for dinner. I didn’t realize until later that it contained ghee. I wasn’t planning to introduce it until later since she’s lactose intolerant but she didn’t have a reaction!

How she felt: She spent the day with the Lloyds [the family we live with] at a museum and came home seeming very tired. Even when people came over that night I could tell my little extrovert was very tired – Andrew ended up laying her down in our bed while several people were still at our house and she fell right to sleep, which is VERY unusual for her!  Also, I’m so thankful – I can’t think of a time yet that she’s complained about the diet or asked for something she can’t have, other than when we were at the store the other day.

How she detoxed: She also drank 1/4 cup water with a capsule of activated charcoal to help with detox symptoms. Both kids had another detox bath after dinner, this time with Epsom salt.

Day 3:

What she ate: 3 bowls of plain salted chicken, leftover from stock, and a little lemon water. Her appetite was down. She didn’t want much lunch either – we had meat stock with carrots, butternut squash, acorn squash, onion, garlic, and salt. She ate a few spoonfulls and then rested on my leg for awhile.

How she felt: Today has been TV day. The whole house is full of lethargic, healing kids. Emery sat up at 6:30, which isn’t unusual for her, but this morning she was in a fog. She went potty, asked Andrew for a glass of water, and then fell asleep on the floor after she drank it. She woke up again around 7:30 just to crawl back into bed with me and then slept like a rock until 9:15. The only reason she woke up was because one of the Lloyd kids knocked on our door to see if we were ready to eat and even then she laid in bed and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before getting up. This is very unlike her  she normally bounds out of bed between 6:45 and 7:15 ready to play. The other kids were watching a movie when we came out. I got her a bowl of soup, lemon water, and another cup of activated charcoal but she just sat there in a daze. After a few minutes she said her tummy hurt and asked for plain chicken.  I let her go back to our room to watch more Little Bear and she ended up falling asleep around 2:30, for an hour. She used to nap before we moved into the Lloyds but hasn’t napped here before because she’s too busy playing ;-) She’s only napped, since we moved, if we’re driving in the car, so this is also unusual for her. I can tell her body is working hard! It reminds me of me when I’m pregnant and my body is working harder than usual – I can’t seem to stay awake ;-) Late this afternoon she had a brief meltdown, saying that she wished we weren’t doing the GAPS diet so she could have a chocolate Larabar. I totally get it, girl. Thankfully I offered to snuggle her while she ate a bowl of soup and she was totally content.

How she detoxed: When she mentioned her tummy hurt I realized she’s hardly had a BM since we started GAPS so I’m sure she’s backed up [she usually goes 1-2 times a day] I know this is common in early GAPS since we’re consuming no fiber, so I’m not worried, but we’re planning to do an enema soon, as they’re necessary for GAPS healing. She’s very open to trying it but thinks it sounds silly. We didn’t actually detox today, as dad skipped their bath while I was out of the house. I noticed today that her stomach seems to be about half the size it was before GAPS. This is so exciting to me because a distended stomach is a classic indicator of needing to be on GAPS. The protruding stomach has not been due to weight but to bloating so it encourages me that healing is taking place.

Day 4:

What she ate: This morning she had fresh pressed juice for the first time made from apples, cabbage, and carrots. It’s not normally introduced this early unless you’re struggling with constipation, which she is. I wasn’t planning to give it to her, I wanted to just try an enema, but Tiffanie made some for all her kids so I knew I couldn’t get away with telling my kids no ;-) Emery was so excited about preschool this morning she didn’t finish her bowl of leftover chicken soup from yesterday, which was a huge mistake. Her teacher said she was crying of hunger part way through her 2 hour class. Thankfully snack time was shortly after – she brought a container of salted chicken but didn’t finish it. She also brought a jar of filtered lemon water. Lunch was more leftover soup. Dinner was our first nonsoup meal of GAPS – Tiffanie boiled beef for broth but pulled out the meat and served it without the broth. She also simmered spinach with grated carrots in broth for a side dish and slices of yellow squash and zucchini simmered in broth for another side. The kids and I made ginger gummies for dessert from made with filtered water, grated ginger [that I strained out, we didn’t consume it], 1 TB honey [half of what was recommended], and gelatin. Before bed she drank 2 TB sauerkraut juice because I didn’t notice any reaction from her smaller dose yesterday.

How she felt: She was tired again today, but not as bad as yesterday. She woke up around 8 excited for school [she only goes one morning a week] but when I picked her up I could tell she was in a funk. She didn’t want to climb the statues outside, which is a must after school, every time. We went to the playground to eat soup and she didn’t want to play, she just slouched in my lap. We ended up watching a movie in the car while we waited for something else we needed to do this afternoon. When we got home she just laid around on the floor watching movies, in another funk. She got a burst of energy when Daddy brought home flowers for her because she loves flower arranging and spent some time cutting and arranging her bouquet.

How she detoxed: I would consider the fresh pressed juice a form of detox. She also had a detox bath in 1/2 cup Epsom salts and 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar. Right before bed we did her first enema and she did amazing. I could tell she really needed it based on what cleared out! We’d been talking to her about this for months so she was very ready for it, but she did get really nervous right at the beginning. I ended up encouraging her to try it by telling her she could have another ginger gummy when we were done and it worked. Afterward she said her tummy hurt but put herself to bed less than 15 minutes after she was done on the toilet. Not sure what it is about the enemas but they knocked out both my kids! After her enema I realized her stomach is completely flat. I almost cried, I’m so excited for her!

Day 5:

What she ate: First thing this morning she had more fresh pressed juice [apple, carrot, oranges,] a bowl of salted chicken, a cup of Onion Soup from the Heal Your Gut Cookbook. She didn’t want any lemon water. Around 10 she had 6 ginger gummy squares from yesterday. For lunch she had chicken with a whole carrot boiled in broth, served with salt. The kids loved having a huge carrot to pick up! She also had 1/4 cup beet kvass for the first time, which I forgot had whey in it, so we accidently introduced that earlier than planned [since she’s lactose intolerant I was waiting to introduce dairy products] For dinner she had more Onion Soup, but with boiled broccoli and cauliflower added.

How she felt: She woke up around 8 again, seeming alert again. She hasn’t complained of any stomach pain again. As the morning has gone on, she’s a little drowsy but not much. There’s TV on again in two rooms and she’s going back and forth between the two instead of laying on the floor in a slump. Before TV started she even wanted to read books instead of watch TV because she had enough energy to focus [they were chapter books.] I noticed her stomach is distended again a little bit. Someone on the GAPS forum mentioned this happens to her child when eating beets so I’ll have to pay attention and see if they’re related. Someone else mentioned that digestive enzymes really helped their child out too – I totally forgot she used to take these three times a day and we totally fell off the band wagon. I’ll have to dig up our bottle and slowly reintroduce them.

How she detoxed: Fresh pressed juice. I told Andrew not to worry about a bath because Tiffanie and I were gone for a ladies retreat and the guys had all 9 kids.

Day 6:


What she ate: Breakfast was  boiled chicken, beets boiled in broth but served without the broth, and carrot juice. She had gummies for snack and water. Lunch was roast with peas and carrots all boiled in broth. Dinner was chicken and carrots boiled in beef broth, garlic added at the end. An hour after dinner she had a bowl of leftover chicken carrot soup and 1/3 cup beet kvass because she had no reaction from yesterday’s increase. She was rewarded with a tiny bit of honey on her finger after her enema [maybe 1/4 tsp]

How she felt: She was really whiny today and sleepy but they didn’t watch much TV. Andrew made her take a nap this afternoon. She asked for water a lot more than usual. I noticed red bumps in two lines on her leg and a line on her chest. I can’t tell if it’s a reaction or a fluke…I actually have them on my leg too. They’ve been itchy once or twice but don’t bother me other wise. Maybe detox? She had another meltdown about how much she wanted chocolate lara bars, chocolate cake, and chocolate smoothies and I realized how much she’s struggling with not grasping how long we’re going to be on this diet. I can’t tell her “2 more months!” Because we have no idea how long it will take her to transition on each stage. To help her feel visualize the progress that needs to be made and what milestones she needs to get past, we spent the evening creating a paper chain, where each link says a different food item we’re going to introduce. If she can consume it without reaction she’ll tear the chain off and throw it away, with cocoa powder being the last link! She was so excited to have a project – I think it helped her feel like she was a part of the process. I’ll try to do a blog post soon with a list of all the foods we put on each link! We tried to go to the park but she didn’t want to stay long because she was so hungry so we went back home and fed her more. Also, when I mentioned her chocolate cravings on Instagram, several people commented that she might be deficient in magnesium. I’ll be ordering the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion as soon as possible.

How she detoxed: Fresh pressed juice and another enema. This one wasn’t nearly as successful but I don’t think as much water went in and she didn’t lay down for more than a minute with it in before wanting to sit on the toilet. It surprised us – because of the beet kvass and beets she’s consumed lately the water was deep purple!

Day 7:


What she ate: Breakfast was lemon water, beef soup with onion, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, and kale. Today is the first time she’s had tomatoes and kale. I waited awhile to introduce night shades just incase they showed a reaction, since some people have issues with those. For a mid morning treat the kids had fresh pressed carrot, apple, and orange juice [juice is not allowed until later unless you’re dealing with constipation. I think both kids have only gone once on their own without the help of an enema]. They were hungry for lunch around 11 so we had breakfast leftovers for an early lunch. She got 2 gummies for doing the enema and sipped on ginger tea in the car while running errands. Dinner was more soup with no new ingredients. [I’m updating this a day late and literally can’t remember what we ate last night!] Not technically what she “ate,” but tonight I did the skin sensitivity test and rubbed egg yolk on one wrist and egg white on the other. I waited until the kids were asleep and then snuck in because I am 100% positive Cooper would have licked it off after I left, while he was laying in bed ;-)

How she felt: She’s still pretty emotional about everything, even nonfood topics. Lots of whining. I think she’s also not getting enough sleep. They don’t nap now that we moved, so I realized that while they’re healing on GAPS I really need to drive them around everyday for a nap. We ventured out of the house today and they fell asleep on the way to Michaels. When they woke up I let them buy something with money from their piggy bank. Emery picked out a few art supplies and it was so refreshing for the kids to get out of the house and do something that didn’t involve food! I think we’re going to have to do something like this regularly. Also, I went to take a picture of the bumps on her leg to send to someone and they’re already gone. Mine are still there and getting a little itchier but I’m going to assume hers were no big deal because she’s been repeating the same foods constantly.

How she detoxed: Fresh pressed juice to help with constipation. An enema around 12 – she laid there with the water in for about 15 minutes, which is .there first time she’s not immediately felt like she needed to go! Still not as successful as her first enema [just a few “rocks” came out] and still purple water from the beets and kvass. Afterward she had a detox bath with baking soda. I forgot that you’re always supposed to do a detox bath after the enema! whoops ;-)


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