Stage 2: Cooper

Day 1:

What he ate: For breakfast we had a bowl of leftovers soup [mostly chicken, carrots, and squash] with our first raw egg yolk stirred in. He ate greaand hasn’t had a reaction but I’ve heard it can take 3 days to react to egg so i’ll be keeping an eye on him. For lunch we had chicken that had been boiled in water for 3 hours and 2 whole carrots smothered in lard and sprinkled with real salt. He also had a glass of beet kvass and a bowl of ginger mint jello. I sifted out the ginger but left the mint leaves since we’re allowed to consume herbs now.  For dinner we had beef soup – chicken broth, beef stew meat, carrots, onions, rosemary, thyme, peas, and butternut squash all boiled for 30 minutes. I forgot the garlic and I keep meaning to add lard to the soup because I know animal fat is so healing but I forgot yet again. We did stir in another egg yolk though. After dinner he had a beet kvass popsicle.

How he felt: He’s still struggling emotionally. Not necessarily about food, he’s screaming about everything. He finally has his CST appointment so that will help me tell a lot if this is food related or pain related. He never feels better the day of CST but the day after he’s mostly normal. He took a good nap in the car today but stayed up past 10.

How he detoxed: Other than fresh pressed juice we didn’t do any detox today because our day was too busy.

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