Stage 1: Cooper

Day 1:

GAPS day 1


What he ate: Today wasn’t 100% Stage 1. We started on a Monday and I planned to go to the store Sunday night but I forgot stores close early on Sunday. Because I wasn’t able to get whole chickens, we followed stage 1 guidelines except instead of meat stock I used bone broth I already had on hand in the freezer for all of our meals today. Other than that, we followed the guidelines. We had a cup of room temp water with 1 tb apple cider vinegar and soup throughout the day with cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, turnips, onions, garlic, butternut squash, green beans, and peas.

How he felt: The day was rough at times – it was hard to grocery shop with him because we couldn’t buy our usual LaraBars or apples and he was frustrated. He didn’t  like having soup for snacks as well as meals, but everytime he caved and ate it, he devoured and loved it.

How he detoxed: He didn’t show any signs of detox/die off but I did give him a detox bath with Emery with 1 cup baking soda.

Day 2:

GAPS day 2

What he ate: Today was 100% stage 1. We started the day with a cup of water with a lemon slice but then he wanted to eat the lemon. I think he ate the fruit of two slices today…I need to read up and see if that’s ok. I’m assuming it isn’t :-/ We had ginger tea for the first time, before dinner, and it was a yummy treat. Tonight, however, was City Group at our house for church and there’s always a pot luck meal. I told Cooper he could only eat our food [and someone else’s in the group who’s also on GAPS] but later someone caught him up on a chair eating potatoes roasted in bacon grease [which contained sugar] and a store bought rotisserie chicken that was infused with sugar and other non-GAPS ingredients. Oiy! I’m gonna have to keep a close eye on this one! Our soups all contained the same ingredients as yesterday, except I added fresh rosemary and thyme. UPDATE: On day 3 I found out we can use herbs on stage 1 but only in a “bouquet garni” so they can be removed before consuming the soup. It adds flavor without having to ingest them. 

How he felt: The grumblings about no snacks continued, mostly because I purchased fruit for Tiffanie because she’s pregnant and needs to be on Full GAPS. Seeing the fruit in the fridge was hard. He also really struggled with helping me cook – he’s used to being able to munch on raw carrots while we cook but we can’t eat raw produce yet. I kept reminding him that we’re fixing his tummy and it helped him emotionally.

How he detoxed: He spent the day with the Lloyds [the family we live with] at a museum and came home seeming very tired. Both kids had another detox bath after dinner, this time with Epsom salt. He also drank 1/4 cup water with an capsule of activated charcoal to help with detox symptoms. I could tell he was very tired – he kept asking to go to bed but I was in a conversation with someone and wasn’t able to put him down right away. He ended up falling asleep in my bed while a few people were still there, which is VERY unlike him.

Day 3:

GAPS day 3

What he ate: Had another glass of lemon water and ate two more lemon slices. Still need to read up on that. We had most of the same foods we’ve had the whole time – butternut squash, carrots, onions, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, rosemary, thyme etc. Today we had beef for the first time. Also had 2 tsp sauerkraut juice for the first time. I’d gotten confused and didn’t realize we were supposed to be having it from day one. I’m assuming my kids wont respond negatively to it since we were regularly consuming ferments before GAPS, so if they seem fine in the morning I’ll increase their amount to 4 tsp as directed in the GAPS book.

How he felt: Today has been TV day. The whole house is full of lethargic, healing kids. Cooper slept until 10 – two and a half hours past his usual wake up time.  After waking he was still in a slump. He’s still frustrated with the constant soup but he’s eating really well. He crashed out this afternoon around 4, sleeping off and on until 6, which is unusual for him. Since moving in with the Lloyds he’s only taken a nap if we’re driving in the car.

How he detoxed: It just occurred to me that I don’t think he’s had a BM since we started this which is very unlike him – he normally goes 2-4 times a day. I know this is common in early GAPS since we’re not consuming fiber, so I’m not worried, but I am considering trying an enema on him. I’m not sure how it will go…he gets freaked out by new things so I definitely wont force it but I know it’s necessary for GAPS healing. 

Day 4:

Detox Bath

What he ate: Had another glass of lemon water. Today I told him he couldn’t eat the lemons but found out later he snuck two from other people and ate them when I wasn’t looking. Of course. He also had about 1/3 cup fresh pressed juice this morning, made from cabbage, apple, and carrots. Fresh pressed juice isn’t normally introduced this early unless your constipated. I wasn’t planning to give him any but I didn’t feel right telling him no when all the other kids were drinking it. Breakfast and lunch were chicken soup leftovers from the day before. Dinner was our first nonsoup meal of GAPS – Tiffanie boiled beef to make broth but removed the roast and served it without the broth. She also simmered spinach leaves with grated carrots in broth for a side dish and simmered slices of yellow squash and zucchini. For dessert the kids and I made ginger gummies out of filtered water, honey, gelatin, and ginger from I doubled the recipe but not the honey, so we only used 1 TB but couldn’t even taste it. I’m really hesitant to do much honey, especially with Cooper, because he’s majorly addicted to anything sweet, usually resulting in major fits when I limit his consumption. I also strained the ginger out because we’re not supposed to be consuming it yet. For a bed time snack he had a cup of Onion Soup from the Heal Your Gut Cookbook.

How he felt: He was still tired today but not as bad as yesterday. He slept until about 8:30, which is only about 30 min-1 hour longer than normal. We planned to play at the playground after Emery’s preschool class but got there and all he wanted to do was snuggle. He’s still low energy for sure. He took about an hour nap in the car around 1:30 and spent the rest of the day watching TV or being very snuggly with me.

How he detoxed: I would consider the juice a form of detox. Later that day he had his first BM since starting GAPS. He also had a detox bath with 1/2 cup Epsom salts and 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar. [Dad was in charge of bath tonight and didn’t know – in the photo the water isn’t as high as it should be for maximum benefit. Also the water filter we have is attached to the shower head so we fill the tub through there rather than the tub faucet] A little while after his bath I caught him coloring on himself with marker – not cool since the skin easily absorbs toxins. He watched a show with Emery while she got her first enema and he decided he wanted to try it too [mostly because she received a gummy snack afterwards for doing so well] It was his first ever enema and he did surprisingly well. He changed his mind for a few minutes and I made it perfectly clear he didn’t have to do it, but eventually the gummy won out and he decided it was worth it. He only let the water sit for about a minute before he was scrambling to sit up. I set him right on the toilet and he spent about 10 minutes letting everything clear out. Something about it knocked him out and he fell asleep about 20 minutes afterward. Also, I wish I would have weighed him before we started but I forgot and just now did it today. For the record, he’s currently 25.2 lbs.

Day 5:

What he ate: He started the morning with fresh pressed juice Tiffanie made with carrots, apples, and oranges. It took him a long time to finish it because he woke up groggy and was just sitting there. Then he had a bowl of salted chicken and a cup of Onion Soup from the Heal Your Gut Cookbook. For a morning snack he had 6 squares of the ginger gummies from yesterday. For lunch I gave him more salted chicken and a large whole carrot boiled in beef stock for 25 minutes., but he gave the carrot to Emery and never tasted it. Our meals are gravitating to more Stage 2 style – no longer more broth than meat and veggies, only because some of the kids [Cooper being one of them] are really struggling with constant soup. He also had a glass of lemon water with lunch but I squeezed the lemon and then threw it away so I would know he wasn’t eating it when I wasn’t looking. Dinner was more onion soup with broccoli and cauliflower added.

How he felt: He woke up groggy but has seemed to be better. We’ve watched a lot of TV today but it doesn’t seem to be a necessary as it has been the last few days.

How he detoxed: Fresh pressed juice. I told Andrew not to worry about the bath or enema because Tiffanie and I were gone at a Ladies Retreat and the guys were alone with all 9 kids.

Day 6:

GAPS Stage 1 Day 6

What he ate: Breakfast was boiled chicken, beets boiled in broth but served without the broth, and carrot juice. He had gummies for snack and water. Lunch was roast with peas and carrots all boiled in broth. Dinner was chicken and carrots boiled in beef broth, garlic added at the end. An hour after dinner he had a bowl of leftover chicken carrot soup and 1/3 cup beet kvass because he had no reaction from yesterday’s increase. He was also rewarded with a tiny bit of honey on her finger after her enema [maybe 1/4 tsp]

How he felt: He’s been a grump today. Lots of yelling, crying and whining. He continues to get mad at the soup put in front of him but eventually always eats it.

How he detoxed: Fresh pressed juice and an enema. I was really surprised this time – he laid on the ground with the water in for about 10 minutes! Last time he wanted to get up almost immediately. I was surprised though that not as much came out as last time. Other than one time, he has only had BMs after enemas, which is normal this early on GAPS. Because of all the beet kvass and beets we’ve been eating the water was a deep purple!

Day 7:


What he ate: Breakfast was lemon water, beef soup with onion, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, and kale. Today is the first time he’s had tomatoes and kale. I waited awhile to introduce night shades just incase they showed a reaction, since some people have issues with those. For a mid morning treat the kids had fresh pressed carrot, apple, and orange juice [juice is not allowed until later unless you’re dealing with constipation. I think both kids have only gone once on their own without the help of an enema]. They were hungry for lunch around 11 so we had breakfast leftovers for an early lunch. He got 2 gummies for doing the enema and sipped on ginger tea in the car while running errands. Dinner was more soup with no new ingredients. [I’m updating this a day late and literally can’t remember what we ate last night!] Not technically what he “ate,” but tonight I did the skin sensitivity test and rubbed egg yolk on one wrist and egg white on the other. I waited until the kids were asleep and then snuck in because I am 100% positive Cooper would have licked it off after I left, while he was laying in bed ;-)

How he felt: He’s still pretty crabby. Lots of fits, screaming, and bad attitudes but I think some of it is due to the fact that he hasn’t had a CST adjustment in awhile. He normally goes every month but we had to skip his last appointment and they couldn’t fit him for a few more weeks, so this is the longest he’s gone in awhile without a consistent adjustment. Lack of CST adjustments always results in this type of behavior for him. We ventured out of the house today and I took the kids to Michaels and let them buy something with money from their piggy bank. Cooper picked out a dragon figurine and it was so refreshing for the kids to get out of the house and do something that didn’t involve food! I think we’re going to have to do something like this regularly.

How he detoxed: Fresh pressed juice to help with constipation. An enema around 12 – he laid there with the water in for about 30 minutes! Still not as successful as his first enema [just a few “rocks” came out, which he’s never had before] and still purple water from the beets and kvass. Afterward he had a detox bath with baking soda. I forgot that you’re always supposed to do a detox bath after the enema! whoops ;-)



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