Beet Kvass Pickled Eggs

Beet Kvass Pickled Eggs on

The majority of what I do in the kitchen is a necessity. I need whey to ferment. I need beet kvass to support Andrew’s liver. I need fermented veggies to increase the good bacteria in my family’s guts. I need kombucha to detox Andrew’s liver, and so on and so on and so on. But sometimes I want to do things just because it sounds fun.  Purple eggs, anyone?

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filling the pot to boil the eggs

I kept seeing these floating around Instagram and was dying to give them a try. After we made our first batch of beet kvass, I reserved some just for this. I used the recipe from and it turned out great! I feel like a lazy blogger that needs to come up with my own recipes, but lets be real. Moms have a lot going on in their lives and we have to pick our priorities. If someone else has a perfectly good recipe out there, I don’t feel the need to recreate something new. I’m sure I’ll experiment with other ingredients in the future, but for now, I just want to pass along this yummy recipe and share how I kept my kids involved in the process ;-)


At 3 years old, Emery helped:

  • helped make the Kvass
  • gently fill the pot with eggs to boil
  • peeled the eggs
  • filled the fido jar with all spice berries, eggs, and kvass [I did the onions]
  • poured in the Kvass
  • Clamped the jar shut

Aren’t these gorgeous?? They were mild in flavor but I thought they were delicious! I’ll definitely be making them again. Because the eggs only last a week, I only keep the left over Beet Kvass for that long as well. Next time I plan to pickle a second batch of eggs in the leftover Kvass and then drink it quickly or pitch it.

015 (14)

Cooper loved eating these at our picnic at the park!


Need another idea for beet kvass, besides drinking it straight? Try this Smoothie recipe!


What about you – what do you do with your beet kvass?