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Apple Scrap Kombucha on

So…what do you do with all the apple peels and cores from the homemade applesauce recipe? Don’t throw them out! 

I’ve been trying to be less wasteful and think twice about the food I usually throw away. I don’t have chickens to feed and I don’t currently compost, so I often search for ways to use my scraps in recipes.

The first thing we tried was Apple Kombucha! In the past I’ve used organic apple juice, but as we’re trying to find better solutions to pasteurized food options, our rare juice treat has been kicked to the curb. Also, I loved using scraps because it stretched our produce, enabling us to use our other fruit for something else.

Emery loved filling the jars with the long, curly peels and cores!

She made a little mess, but she did great ladling the kombucha into our recycled second ferment jars. Next time, I plan to put a bath towel down under everything.

  • We added pear scraps to ours, but mint, sage, ginger, and or smashed berries would also be delicious!

  • Never made Kombucha before?? Check out this video tutorial – it’s very thorough and was what I referenced when I first started out!


Apple scraps in kombucha for a second fermentation on


Dont brew your own kombucha? Try this recipe for Apple Scrap Citrus Cinnamon Jello instead! Sounds a little strange, but it taste like fall :-)

Apple Scrap Kombucha
second fermentation
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  1. Kombucha from a first ferment [we used about 1/2 gallon]
  2. Apple peels and cores [we used scraps from about 6 apples - you could easily use more]
  3. Glass jars with air tight lids
  1. Evenly distribute peels and cores into your jars.
  2. Cover with plain kombucha [make sure your SCOBY has been removed], leaving an inch or so of head space
  3. Seal jars tight.
  4. Leave jars on the counter for 1-2 days. This second ferment increases the probiotics and nutrients in your Kombucha!
  5. Open the jars at least 3x/day to release built up pressure and prevent an explosion.
  6. After 1-2 days strain peels and cores out and store in fridge. Will keep at least 6 months. Trust your 5 senses - it will be very obvious when the Kombucha has gone bad.
Other ingredients that would taste great WITH the apple scraps
  1. Pear scraps
  2. Fresh torn mint leaves
  3. Fresh torn sage leaves
  4. Grated ginger [or chunks]
  5. Smashed berries
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