Who We Are

Amber from Real Food with Kids

I’m Amber, 28 year old wife and stay at home mom. I’ve been saved, by the grace of God, for about 3 years now. Outside the world of food, I love to create beautiful things. I’m a lover of books, worship music, thrifting, gardening, and singing in general. I’m addicted to learning – I have no games on my phone- when I want to relax I geek out by reading articles from National Geographic and the History Channel. I’m fascinated by other cultures and time periods. I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and an INFP – I can’t find enough time to blog or instagram about all the convictions and thoughts racing through my mind! I homeschool with a Charlotte Mason/Child-Led Learning approach. We currently use Five In A Row Curriculum and instead of mainstream crafts we love to learn life skills like embroidery and weaving. I’m also the Communications Leader for DashNetwork.net asylum seeker ministry in our church – I’m working on updating the site and am managing their social media accounts to spread awareness and meet needs of asylum seekers in the DFW area. I’m recently healed from Adrenal Fatigue, am lactose intolerant, deal with blood sugar issues, and suspect candida and h. pylori overgrowth. You can read my Adrenal Fatigue story here. 

Andrew from Real Food with Kids

Andrew is a 289 year old accountant. He loves playing frisbee golf, hiking, and is seriously the best dad in the world. He is our kid’s best friend. He’s a professional kid wrestler, tickle monster, story teller, bedtime bible reader, Truth teaching, piggy back ride giving, most patient dad ever. He’s the Housing Leader for DashNetwork.net asylum seeker ministry – He coordinates host families, gathers household items to furnish asylum seeker’s new homes, handles the technical details of the apartments, etc. He’s also the reason we started our journey to better health – in spring 2011 he was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease. You can read his Fatty Liver Disease story here.

Emery from Real Food with Kids

Emery is our gentle one. She’s 5 years old, creative, imaginative, detail-oriented, patient, level-headed, sweet spirited, servant-hearted, and just an all around peach. She’s particularly passionate about giving to the needy and loves to work to make money so she can buy food for others. She also announced a few months ago that when she grows up she wants to be an artist that paints pictures for books that don’t have pictures. [This was shortly after she discovered chapter books don’t have them ;-)] She got the ball rolling much faster in our health journey – in fall 2013 she started having blood in her stool, randomly vomiting, and having severe stomach pain. We discovered she was gluten intolerant [possibly celiac], lactose intolerant, and sensitive to grains and seeds. You can read her health story here.

Cooper from Real Food with Kids

Cooper is our 3 year old tornado. He came into our life with a bang and it hasn’t slowed down since. He was a preemie, dealt with nursing issues due to a lip tie, couldn’t swallow food because of a tongue tie, is gluten and dairy intolerant, and screamed bloody murder from pain [unless I was holding him] because he needed Cranial Sacral Therapy. We thought we’d identified and solved all these issues around 18 months but then quickly realized he also has Sensory Processing Disorder. He met with an Occupational Therapist and Behavior Specialist for awhile but ultimately, scheduling more frequent CST appointments actually resolved everything and he now rarely shows signs of SPD. It’s been a lot of work to get his sweet spirit to come through the hulk we dealt with for awhile! He’s to the point where he is almost always a total joy to be around and I never thought the day would come. I’m so thankful for the Lord directing our path to find the answers we needed to provide the help he needed. Since the day I found out I was pregnant his little life has been the most trying but most fruitful thing that’s ever happened to me. You can read a little of his preemie story here, his lip tie story here, and his tongue tie journey here.

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