What We Eat

Our goal is to eat 100% under the Weston A Price philosophy. In case you haven’t heard if it, here’s a quick crash course:

  • Almost everything is beneficial to consume, when traditionally prepared
  • Dairy is only consumed raw or fermented
  • Grains are only consumed when sprouted, soaked, or fermented
  • Soy is only eaten fermented
  • Nuts are soaked before consuming
  • Beans and lentils are soaked and/or sprouted before consuming
  • Meat is only consumed when raised free range and without antibiotics or hormones
  • A high emphasis on fermentation: veggies, condiments, drinks, etc.
  • A high emphasis on healthy fats and organ meats

However because of our kid’s intolerances [gluten, dairy, and most grains] we’re not there yet. We currently eat a modified WAPF/Paleo hybrid. Our kids are handling jasmine and basmati rice well, when cooked in chicken broth [as per WAPF] but so far it’s the only grain we’ve successfully reintroduced. We eat a lot of paleo meals with rice added. Please see our Resources page for cookbook recommendations!

We don’t believe that Paleo is beneficial as a permanent lifestyle. It most certainly has it’s place and is necessary for many, many people but we believe that it’s a temporary solution. God has given our bodies an amazing ability to heal themselves, when cared for properly. For people on Paleo for health reasons we recommend transitioning to the GAPS diet and then onto WAPF. With any diet change that involves healthier decisions, the majority of people that go Paleo see amazing improvement initially, but grains and dairy have their place in a healthy diet, when they’re traditionally prepared and your gut is ready for them.

Eventually it’s our goal to start the GAPS diet, a diet designed to seal and heal leaky guts to eliminate allergies, among other things. Once we complete this diet, we would be exclusively eating WAPF.


Recommended Recipes

You can find our personal recipes on our Archives page.

Here are links to non Real Food with Kids recipes that we’ve tried and loved:






Here are links to my pinterest boards containing recipes I want to try: 

[these either fit our diet or can be easily tweaked to fit our diet]

[I have multiple food boards that I’ve accumulated over the years because of our evolving diets. These are the most recent.]


  1. Niki
    April 10, 2015 @ 12:26 am

    Oh my gosh. This is Soooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!! I seriously am soooo excited to do these!!! I thought this would be way more complex, but it looks doable!!!! Thank you so much Amber!!!


    • Amber
      April 10, 2015 @ 6:53 am

      are you talking about the WAPF guielines?? SO glad you’re excited!


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